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We were working with various marketing agents in the past. It required us to invest a lot for their services but we got a few clients and we had decided to quit as such advertising did not pay at all. Then, we started out with the guys from Leading Website and they are still bringing us many clients. And it goes daily! Paying is quite suitable, since we pay as we sell!
Before we used to cooperate with some other lead generators, but they charged us per lead and mostly they would not have brought real business. However, only Leading Website charges for the lead that we get good deal, and this is excellent layout, which runs a surplus for us all the time.
The leads from the Leading Website company is considered a new phase of business development for our company! Now we can save marketing costs and set free our staff from heavy work on customer searches. The major thing is we pay for done deals only!
Thomas Chan, an online shopping company
Alice Rose, a destination management (travel) company
Louis Anthony, a car sale company
Reduce costs for marketing
Increase you sales to 275%
You pay only for the leads, you have sales
We run a travel company in US and good customers are always welcomed, so we get day by day from Leading Website and feel very much happy! Should note our previous experience with some other companies was just a nightmare, i.e. we paid more and more but got back near to zero. But the LW team is a real star! We just sit back and receive leads and pay as it goes.
William Fox, a real estate company
You pay weekly for the leads, you have sales.
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What leads mean?
Lead generation is the most profitable advertising, which substantially increases sales and reduces costs for client acquisition. Lead is an action of a potential client, aimed at product purchasing or service getting and completed as a request. The request includes full information of a potential client and his interests. There are also telephone leads, when a telephone call is forwarded to a telephone of our sales manager.
You just need to dispatch goods or to render services for the clients, involved by us.
Generate leads for all business spheres
Optimize the employees, who don’t work in web-marketing, web-analytics, web-design and web-development.
You have 2 methods of client acquisition from Internet
To buy leads from us.
Why is it worth buying leads from us? Because the 1st point is done by us for you. Because of large leads turnover and entrance to many regional markets, our highly professional specialists in marketing, SEO, web-design, web-analytics and web-programming have  got conversion from 16% to 38% (depending on sphere) and having low costs for advertising at the same time. You’ll get 16-38 sales (depending on sphere) of 100 our leads.

You pay for the lead, you make money from! It’s assured profit!
To hire experienced web-marketing expert, web-developer, web-designed and web-analyst, to pay high salaries and to be involved in a complicated process of CTR increasing, analyzing actions of website visitors, to follow traffic and regulate high investments in different types of ads, to choose and estimate thousands of key words, to increase conversion of landing page, to carry A/B-testing of your website. But the final goal is to get lead (‘hot’ client) at a minimum price.

But it doesn’t mean that after making cash expenses and labour intensive processes the procedure is compensated, because there are many rivals in your sphere.
The Lead Generation Company
Send a request right now and get new clients already tomorrow!
100% exclusive leads. Our leads are never re-sold to multiple companies.
We analyze marketing, rivals, potential clients in your business.
We discuss conditions with you and start cooperation.
We send leads to you daily.
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