The Lead Generation is ensuring customers flood for its partners more than 7 years. Thanks to our highly-skilled staff specialized in marketing, programing, designing and SEO. we successfully provide our partners with potential leads for any business scope.
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The Lead Generation Company
What leads mean?
Lead generation is the most profitable advertising, which substantially increases sales and reduces costs for client acquisition. Lead is an action of a potential client, aimed at product purchasing or service getting and completed as a request. The request includes full information of a potential client and his interests. There are also telephone leads, when a telephone call is forwarded to a telephone of our sales manager.
You have 2 methods of client acquisition from Internet
To buy leads from us.
Why is it worth buying leads from us? Because the 1st point is done by us for you. Because of large leads turnover and entrance to many regional markets, our highly professional specialists in marketing, SEO, web-design, web-analytics and web-programming have  got conversion from 16% to 38% (depending on sphere) and having low costs for advertising at the same time. You’ll get 16-38 sales (depending on sphere) of 100 our leads.

You pay for the lead, you make money from! It’s assured profit!
To hire experienced web-marketing expert, web-developer, web-designed and web-analyst, to pay high salaries and to be involved in a complicated process of CTR increasing, analyzing actions of website visitors, to follow traffic and regulate high investments in different types of ads, to choose and estimate thousands of key words, to increase conversion of landing page, to carry A/B-testing of your website. But the final goal is to get lead (‘hot’ client) at a minimum price.

But it doesn’t mean that after making cash expenses and labour intensive processes the procedure is compensated, because there are many rivals in your sphere.
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